31-01-2007 :: Major update to GPLFlash : GPLFlash v0.5.4 is publically available !

As annouced last year after most of the GPLFlash developpers leaved the effort in favour of gnash, GPLFlash is still developped and updated. Thanks to the hard effort of Mike Steed this new version contains many improvements to the latest 0.4.13 version : better sound support, hardware sound independance, better graphic drawing support, debugged code and many more.

However this version introduced a new API to handle sounds, this API broke softwares that was written to work with the old one including the plugin and the standalone player. Unfortunately Mike and me aren't developping on Linux and as such haven't been able to test the modifications we made in those sources, we are searching skilled developpers to validate/test/improve those parts, don't hesitate to contact me (abalabanb).

This site will slowly evolve to focus mainly on GPLFlash, we don't have any interest in GPLFlash2 so we can't provide information, support or help on this source code. We will however still maintain the source in the CVS and will try to keep the online documentation for reference only. If you are really interested in GPLFlash2 try to contact one the developper that tooke part in its developpement at the time.

03-02-2006 :: GPLFlash2 shutting down! (gplflash1 continues)

After going through the code of gplflash2, it was decided it was too messy and a new design was needed. But before a the design process took off, a new project caught our eye: gnash. It is not perfect, but it got some advantages over gplflash2, and most of the developers of gplflash2 will move to gnash.

But this does not mean the gplflash-project is shutting down. The old gplflash1 code is still being hacked and improved, and will continue to be maintained.

24-10-2005 :: IRC Meeting!

It is time to get a overview of what needs to be done, how we will do it, and who 'we' are. So on October 29th at 20.00 CET, we will meet on IRC and find out! Get more information here.

04-09-2005 :: New website and wiki!

We have finally got a new webpage! And a wiki.

We're are still working gplflash2, which is only available from CVS.

11-06-2005 :: Another status update

We're still working on the new development branch, gplflash2, and still need developers.

gplflash2 is now available from CVS.

We now have a IRC channel: #gplflash at

We need a better webdesign for this page, and a logo. Mail your suggestion to the mailinglist.

06-04-2005 :: Status update

We're working on a new development branch, which is aiming for full flash7 support. New developers are welcome and should contact us via the mailinglist.

We're are now supported by the Free Software Foundation

19-01-2005 :: Version 0.4.13 is released!

Get the package from the SourceForge filelist.

New features:

Support for playing swf-animations embedded in .exe-files

Another try at making the browser-plugin more stable.

+ bugfixes, see the changelog for details.

15-10-2004 :: Version 0.4.12 is released!

Get the package from the SourceForge filelist.

New features:

Support for Mp3-compressed sound using libmad (which is now required)

05-06-2004 :: The first release (0.4.11) in almost 4 years is out!!

Get the package from the SourceForge filelist.

New features:

autoconf/automake buildsystem added.

Support for compressed swf-files (flash 6 and 7).

The plugin is now stable.